Garden restaurant

  • where České Budějovice
  • when August 2021
  • how design, project
  • who Veronika Indrová, Jiří Weinzettl
  • project Michal Hamada
  • photo BoysPlayNice

The existing building of the restaurant, a wooden structure built around 1970, was not meeting current technical or spatial requirements. We have designed a simple wooden structure for a new seasonal garden restaurant at the same place, in direct contact with water. The delicate wooden pillars are giving the whole structure lightness, airiness and enable a maximum connection of the inside space with its surroundings. The spatial organization is based on a module of a cube with a length of 3 m. The covered porch offers many different possible arrangements of seating. The facilities contain a kitchen with spacious storage rooms to enable functioning in a catering form. The enclosed parts, originally considered to be covered with coil-brite facade panels (brushed aluminium panels), we realized from cetris panels for cost-saving reasons. The exterior screen roller shades placed along the edge were supposed to partially protect guests from sun rays, wind and rain. When completely closed, also enable temporary heating of the space of the restaurant. They have not yet been implemented.

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