Tyrš waterfront

  • where Trhové Sviny
  • when July 2015
  • how concept of an architectural solution
  • who Jiří Weinzettl, Barbora Weinzettlová

The lack of the building plots in Trhové sviny is in a long-term contradiction with the wide offer of the real estates in the center of the town. There is actually no demand for them. Many of the buildings are falling into disrepair. The town center is depopulating. Why? The phenomenon of contemporary housing is the Urban sprawl emerging at the edges of the town – occupying the landscape without any clear urban structure and continuity, with large walking distances and insufficient civic amenities, which result in increased traffic burden for the town center. Nowadays, we know that the fast-growing urban sprawl brings many essential local as well as global problems. However, the mere statement is not enough. Only the offer of an alternative of at least the same quality of living in the center of the town can change the above mentioned phenomenon. From this point of view the historic center of Trhové sviny disposes of a great potential. Minimal walking distances, the intimacy of the private corners, the poetical character and a strong genius loci is just a fragment of its advantages. But without complex regeneration of the whole conservation area of the town, the center may remain neglected and not visited. Apart from the mentioned, today often abandoned, objects, there are also some vacant lots and an undeveloped area of the Tyrš waterfront, that deserves to be built up.

In the first half of the 20th century, this space was at the border of the town, more specifically behind the part of the compact development, which was followed by only a few independent buildings. During the second half of the 20th century the town grew extensively and enlarged its area. A new housing estate of completely different scale and character was founded (among others) behind the historic part. Between the housing estate and the old town remained conceptually not defined space – Tyrš waterfront.

Half-empty, neglected space without any unifying idea lacks a meaningful use. Thanks to the significant elevation this space offer the most exclusive view of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. However, this potential is not exploited. On the contrary, the location of the still existing complex of scrap yards and dozens of garrages in close proximity of the church remains as a deterrent memento of the socialist era. The spatially unanchored object of the marketplace, built in the beginning of the 80s, presents another unhappy, still existing intervention. It has nothing in common with the previously remarkable markets taking place in Trhové sviny. Its appearance resembles more the waiting hall of the bus station or the object of changing rooms by a stadium, than a marketplace.

A few years ago the bed of the Farský creek changed radically: the sloping grassy banks were replaced with stone walls. This change increased the flow rate, which helps during the frequent flooding. It is a pity, that the design did not work with the watercourse as a town creating component of the public space.

Along the Tyrš waterfront we design a compact town development of twelve houses, which completes the historic center in a logical unit. Thus, this neglected space acquires significance. The scale of the suggested houses and their form resembles the compact developed area. The inner town expands. The mass and shape simplicity, together with the clearness of detail, gives a chance to the rise of strong contemporary architecture. A detailed architectural study, defining the limits and regulations of this new development is the key to a good result.

The modified terraced bank of the creek, predetermined for sitting and perceiving the beauty of the surroundings reflecting in the water, is an important accent, the main element of the newly created public space.

The list of the suggested modifications: Removal of the object of the marketplace . Removal of the objects of the complex of former scrap yards . Design of a new street on the right side of Tyršovo square, created by a row of approximately ten houses of a small scale, used for individual housing . Design of the building of a small scale, used for individual housing, in the complex of the former scrapyards . Road on the right bank connecting the Dobrovského and Jeronýmova street . Planting an alley of trees along the right bank of the Farský creek . Water element: a modification of a part of the creek bed: widening of the creek with a terraced bank predetermined for sitting and an opposite bank with flowering grass . Modification of the existing bridge . Two new footbridges and two new footpaths connecting the historic center with the surrounding quarters . Modification of the parterre of garrage ghetto, unifying the appearance of the garrages by the same colour of the walls and by the same finish of the gates . Planting an alley of trees along the garrages . Informal playground for older children in a park by the house of culture . Rope attractions and monkey bars strained between the existing trees . New shortcut to the restaurant U Čáhů . Modification of the surface of the road . Outlining of the parking space . Modification of the public lighting . Installation of other small components of the town furniture

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