Family house in Dobříš

  • where Prague, Czech Republic
  • when May 2017
  • design Veronika Indrová, Barbora Weinzettlová, Jiří Weinzettl
  • project Michal Hamada

The family house in Dobříš is located in the newly established part of the town, which connects to the garden settlement „Za Papežem“ and carries the character of the satellite city. Most of the surrounding buildings represent a typical suburban sprawl, often characterized by an unnecessarily complicated form. However, the sloping north-facing plot offers splendid views of the Dobříš forest, and the downstream slope will probably remain undeveloped in the future. From the beginning, the building program included a requirement for a study room with its own entrance separated from the rest of the house. This led to the decision to create two separate L-shaped masses, a garage with a therapeutic room and a separate family house. Thanks to that an intimate garden, separated from the street, was created and the scale of the houses corresponds to the surrounding buildings. Another requirement was a relatively high number of parking spaces. The pre-space of the garage is therefore a paved area for parking with one tree that provides natural shade. We enter both houses from a narrow space between them. The mass of the garage consists of a therapeutic room with its own hall, bathroom, and warehouse. The main view is towards the street. Thanks to the slope, the therapeutic room is from the street recessed under the terrain. The parapet at the main window links to the terrain and creates an effect when the worktop of the table continues to the grass in the exterior. The spacious wooden terrace connects both buildings and is naturally shielded thanks to the garage. The family house itself is a two-story building. The relatively generous living space opens to the west into the garden with a nine-meter sliding window, which is directed to the most beautiful view of the plot. The upstairs rooms, accessible from the piano-dominated hall, each have a private dressing room, and children's rooms have their own loft space to play.

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