Restoration of the Castle in Lukavec

  • where Lukavec
  • when August 2006
  • how design, project

The castle is located in a park on the outskirts of the small town of Lukavec. It is a four-wing building with the inner courtyard, the tower, and the sala terrena in the western part. The only access to the building is across the bridge over a shallow moat. The task to transform the abandoned castle into a hotel and a training centre calls for entire renewal of the building. Creation of the interior layout, which is different from the original solution, requires following these principles: Historically and architecturally existing significant spaces are designed for socially important purposes and are accessible to the public. The hierarchy of traditional construction is respected: the second floor – so-called “Piano nobile” is superior to the ground floor. Rare artistic artifacts are not exposed to difficult climatic or mechanic conditions such as humidity in whirlpool rooms. Facilities for locals – public library, fitness centre and restaurant are easily accessible on the ground floor. Interventions in the original structures are minimized.

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