Barn reconstruction

  • where Opatov u Svitav
  • when November 2015
  • how design, project
  • who Veronika Indrová

The barn from the 60´s is a part of agriculture grounds in Opatov. It is surrounded by a few buildings from the same period, but also by new objects of a biogas plant. The barn has one underground floor (height 2,5 m) and ground floor (height 8,4 m). The gently sloping terrain enables the barrier-free access to the ground floor and from the other side of the building it brings natural light and ventilation to the underground floor. The load on the ceiling construction above the underground floor, is transferred by two reinforced concrete girders perched on ten brick columns. The brick perimeter walls are toughened by brick columns. The construction of the roof is typical for farm buildings. The roof coating is metal.

After the reconstruction, the barn will still serve as a storage for agriculture products. The concept of the design is based on the demand for maximum air circulation in the space. The brick perimeter walls, apart from the columns, will be torn down. The new coat is designed from burnt (or stained) wooden prisms. A sufficient distance between the prisms makes the construction of the roof visible from outside and it becomes a natural decor of the facade. The rhythm of increasing distances between the prisms references to the original openings in the facade. The entrance doors are of the same wood as the facade and thus they merge with the facade.

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