The Urban Space in Front of the Regional Museum

  • where Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
  • when June 2004
  • how graduation project of Jiří Weinzettl
  • awards 2nd prize in architect final projects competition 2004

The project site is attached to the historical centre of the town. One of the main ideas of the design was to link two existing streets of different height levels by a simple staircase passing through the medieval wall. This new connection will help revive a dead end of the lower street. For the upper space, it is essential to preserve a panoramic view of the castle. As the entrance area of the new museum and the gallery, this space will become the smallest square in the town with the greatest view. The new tower, attached to the museum, will be dominating the square in its corner which will make a passage between the narrow adjacent streets and the following open space.

The current location of the museum entrance does not correspond to the form of the building and the significance of the institution. Also, the insufficient vertical communications and the impossibility of wheelchair access led to the proposal of the new entrance from the square with the new stairs and the elevator placed in the tower. Proportion and form of the new gallery follows the image of neighbouring Baroque houses, but in some way it is more superior and forms the opposite element to the opulent facade of the existing regional museum.

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