Urban space „Pod Střelnickými schody“

  • where Tábor, Czech Republic
  • when June 2002
  • how architectural competition
  • awards special prize (original architectural competition)
  • who David Baroš, Lukáš Smetana, Jiří Weinzettl

Newly designed space attached to the urban staircase (Střelnické schody) complements the existing cityscape. Seen from a distance, the staircase with the opening above will appear as a gateway to the city. A museum and gallery, that are part of the design, will help the public revival of the site. Parking spaces are located in the underground facilities which are intended as a stone base for the existing old houses above. The roof of this parking lot is used as a terrace – the entrance space of the museum and the gallery. It could be a space for relaxation and for meetings. The entrance to the city is strongly defined as a narrow opening between the old shooting house and the new gallery. As an important artifact the old buttresses of the ancient city wall are still preserved.

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