Park in Trhové Sviny

  • where Trhove Sviny
  • when June 2006
  • how design
  • who Tomáš Petrášek, Jiří Weinzettl

Current status: Devastated floodplain surrounded by vague suburbs was created by cutting space from all sides. The surrounding area is turning away to the place.

The proposal benefits from the diversity of the area when conflict becomes a theme. We are making a “façade” from the „back“ side, from negative positives. The typical panorama of residential district Pískovce with its small-scale architecture and monumental wall prefab housing estate acquire park space for defining their identity and mutual appeal. They are filling up the space with an interesting tension stemming from the conflict of scales. To the organically shaped space of the park we bring order by setting two imaginary lines – the main visual axis culminating with newly embedded elements and chess player’s house, water gate and torso of the tower. The area will play an important role within the whole city. It is offering to create a peaceful path from the square through the historic streets and through the park to open countryside. Its location is destined to become a lively pedestrian node.

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