House in the Gap

  • where Praha – Zličín, Czech republic
  • when August 2004
  • how design, project
  • who Lukáš Smetana, Jiří Weinzettl

Can not be ignored.The expressive house is an example of the democratic approach of modern architecture. The task was to design an addition of a new residential unit above an existing single-storey house placed in a narrow plot which is only 4,95 m wide. Designing the house as a tower helps to maximize the use of the lot. At the same time it keeps the relationship to its surroundings, thus leading to overall balance and harmonious coexistence of neighbouring buildings. The extended house does not attempt to look exactly like other houses in the periphery. On contrary, it brings new spirit, self-confidence and optimism to a very complicated and disparate existing locality. It is an unignorable monument; the energy concentrated in a prismatic form may be an impulse for further development of the locality.

On the ground floor there is a garage and a technical background. The residential unit itself is accessible through a roofed exterior staircase. The inner space is dominated by a living room with a gallery. Such a vertical layout enables a required connection between optically divided parts of workrooms. In the upper floor there is a bedroom, bathroom and atrium divided by sliding glass partitions, giving the possibility of linking the interior and exterior. Optical and acoustic isolation from the external environment creates a sort of microcosm – a feeling of comfort, which is often missing even in houses standing in much more favorable conditions.

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