• where Pec pod Sněžkou
  • when 2019
  • how competition
  • design Jiří Weinzettl, Veronika Indrová
  • visualisations Michal Sljusar

The proposed object consists of two towers and an underground part of the building which connects them. The narrow proportion of the building prevents creating an optical barrier in the north – south direction. The choice of wood on the facade is based on traditional materiality of houses in this area and also reflects the neighbouring Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec. Considering the scale of the building we are not trying to assimilate the object with the surroundings. On the contrary, we design simple, concise shape of two prisms, one slightly turned, which together with a minimalistic detail of the facade represent contemporary architecture. The lowest floors serve for parking and its irregular shape comes from the outlines of the plot, as there is the need to maximize the usable area. These two floors also contain ski storages and technology. The existing pavement along the Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec remains unchanged and intersects one of the towers. People can approach the coktail bar, candy store and other stores from the space created by the intersection. The pavement then continues alongside the other tower and creates the parterre where the main entrance to the hotel and to the restaurant is located. The reception and lobby are connected with two vertical communications (designed as fire paths) and also with the existing Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec. Guests can approach the restaurant and coktail bar without leaving the building. The restaurant has two private lounges on the floor above. Thanks to the sloping terrain, these two lounges are also accessible from the street on the north – west side. The entrance to the multifunctional hall is next to the garage entrance of Svatý Vavřinec. The smaller hall is connected with the two lounges of the restaurant. The two storey main multifunctional hall is accessible though a gallery by a huge spindle staircase.This floor also contains fitness, wellness, game room for teenagers, the offices for hotel employees and four rooms also for employees. Apartments and hotel rooms, specifically 14× 1kk, 20× 2kk, 40× 2kk+SK, 4× 3kk +SK a 16× hotel room, are located on the upper floors, all of them have their own enclosed balconies.

The design of the Aparthotel is based mainly on areal requirements of the very extensive building programme created by the investor. Considering the given site, size and shape of the construction plot, its morphology and surrounding buildings, we assume that the building programme is rather excessive and should be revised.

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