Wellness centre in the circle

  • where Meclov, Czech Republic
  • when únor 2013
  • how proposal, documentation

About 400 biogas plants were built in the Czech Republic between the years 2007 and 2013. Our company was involved in the design process of about 30 devices that besides purpose-grown biomass can also handle agricultural waste such as manur, slurry or grass silage. All these raw materials are transformed into biogas and subsequently into electrical energy and at the same time large amount of heat is a significant by-product. To use this thermal energy efficiently (e.g. for heating of schools, residential units or administrative buildings) it would be necessary to built costly and unprofitable long thermal piping. Another possibility is to install some kind of equipment for drying agricultural products, but the operation of this device would be only seasonal. Unfortunately, most operators of biogas plants are not able to use efficiently huge amounts of generated heat.

The idea of using the waste heat for operation of the new wellness center, located right in the agricultural complex, may seem unreasonable. At the same time there is no doubt that the reuse of brownfields is a great issue of today´s archi­tecture. Concerning the problem how to place a new spa into the existing agricultural complex with a biogas plant, the idea of a wellness center in the circle appeared. It will not attack the attractive countryside, on the other hand it will bring some kind of new and unexpected place into actually uninteresting peripheral area.

The existing administrative building is proposed to be transformed into reception, cloakrooms, fitness and massage center (on the ground floor) and hotel rooms on the first floor. This renewed building will serve also as an entrance to an entirely indifferent world of the wellness center itself. The seven-meter-high circular wall from exposed concrete creates a curtain against disturbing environmental influences such as noise, smell, dust, visually unattractive surroundings. The dreamy image of wooden cottages mirroring in the water of thermal pool is not distorted by any attack from outside. Some cottages provide accommodation, some are used for relaxation or as a sauna. In the heart of the Czech countryside the guests may find a subtropical oasis, where they can enjoy outdoor bathing all year round. In this dream world away from other people, yet still very close, the visitors can enjoy their time day and night without being disturbed or disturbing anyone. The only touch with the surrounding world is the ring of sky.

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