Villa Among spruces

  • where Říčany
  • when October 2008
  • how proposal, building permit
  • who Daniel Baroš, Michal Nejezchleb, Lukáš Smetana, Jiří Weinzettl

The longitudinal mass of the house acts as a timber lying between high spruces, like a ship anchored in the trees. The atrium notched in its keel is closed by the glass cube of the winter garden. Demand for luxury is reflected in the overall size, disposition and high standard facilities of the house: an apartment for a maid, a large guest room with bathroom, a sauna with an outdoor cooling pool, a gym, a winter garden, garage space for three cars etc. The main living area with kitchen opens to the garden through the panoramic window and at the same time is in optical contact with a small atrium with a cooling pool. Visual connectedness between the living area and the relaxation area can be eliminated by interior curtains. The upper mass with bedrooms offers access to the terraces which are surrounded by countryside of crowns of trees. Also the outdoor bath, located behind the main bathroom, is hidden from the curious eyes by tree branches. Window of the office in the second ground floor allows guarding the access walkway to the house.

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