Solitary house in Černé Údolí

  • where Černé Údolí, the Novohradské Mountains
  • when December 2023
  • how design
  • who Barbora Weinzettlová, Jiří Weinzettl

A beautiful place at the end of the village, just a short distance from the river Černá, breathes the atmosphere of the foothills and invites you to stop, look around and perceive the surrounding nature. A residential house, a stone shed and a wooden barn form a composite that has been created for centuries and can be considered typical of the Novohradské Mountains. We do not change the existing links between individual objects, nor their character. In the house, we discover places with the potential of a better possible connection with the exterior, places of the future living room and studio. Newly pierced large windows better connect the interior with the surrounding landscape. During the day, the rays of the sun will shine through the previously dark, shady corners. We respect the original materiality, we preserve the historical elements. We acknowledge the new interventions in the contemporary minimalist detail. The dialogue between old and new is omnipresent.


„I was looking forward to this day. Anna, a fashion designer, invites me to try on my wedding dress in her new studio. She told me so much about it! She and her husband made a bold decision and renovated a country house in the Novohradské Mountains. They live there and Anna has her dream studio and sewing workshop also there. I close the computer and head south. I head towards the place where I can sense the outline of a country house among the trees. It must stand here for a very long time. The driveway leads to the shield. I move closer to make out contemporary details. Anna waves at me from the main entrance and promises a tour tomorrow. It's getting dark.
I wake up in the attic. The wood crackles in the oven and the smell of freshly baked bread wafts towards me. It's time to get up. A breakfast full of homemade products is being served at the massive table downstairs in the main room. This room with the oven and with views to the three cardinal points is the heart of the whole house. It is clear to me that it is here, under the beamed ceiling, that people dine, debate, contemplate. French windows, newly cut into the old facade, work with the most beautiful views of the landscape and enhance the atmosphere of the place. It seems to me that nothing is random here. The owner of the house leads me to her new studio. It only takes a few steps across the corridor. She likes her elevated space in the morning, when the rays of the sun pour into it. With a separate entrance, she can welcome customers without disrupting the running of the house. I'm proud to be the exception. We spend the morning trying on my wedding dress and adjusting it. After lunch, we go on a tour of the next building. It used to be an animal shed, but before that the stone building was inhabited. Now the owners with the architects have been restoring it to its original plot. It serves as accommodation for guests. We pass through the stone portal to the veranda and continue to enter the newly inserted mass, which meets the current comfort. I notice that the tan boards in the gable under the shingle roof have visible cracks. These allow streaks of light into the attic and create an attractive effect. A niche for storing firewood is in the place of the original entrance. We are heading to the third, last building of the solitude. The barn hides equipment and cars that would otherwise look out of place in this unspoiled landscape. On warm evenings, the master of the house is said to open part of the barn and prepare a treat for visitors in the outdoor kitchen. Then, long into the night, they sit by the fire under a sky full of stars. I return to Prague full of impressions and wonder if I, too, would be able to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city and move my life to solitude.“

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