Revitalization of the bastion XXXI

  • where Prague
  • when June 2007
  • how architectonic competition
  • award a special prize in the competition

At present there is only one approach to the bastion. The way from Karlov must be used for coming and also for going. If a visitor goes through the bastion to its western tip, a nice view of the valley of Lumír’s orchards opens before him. On the opposite side in the distance, two church towers of Vyšehrad rise from the base of massive walls. Many, at that moment, desire to get to the place where Princess Libuše predicted the future glory of Prague. Nevertheless, there is offered a real opportunity to overcome the distance; to open up the crown of baroque walls. Then everyone would have (kind of like the Chinese Wall) the option to pass all the way to the street Nad Slupi. They would overcome the busy road and railway by the newly designed suspension footbridge continued in orchards branches to the existing mysterious hole in the walls of Vyšehrad. They could stretch and climb through a new underground staircase, imbued with layers of ancient history, leading to the level of the terrace of the famous temple.

The new spatial division of the bastion itself is based on the above-mentioned axis of vision, or the simultaneous flow of energy, which we are giving sufficient space by not locating the newly designed object on the place of the existing fragments of the original building. Nevertheless, such a shift means violation of tender conditions. While the neoplasm material respects the line of the walls, in remote panoramic views it is not expressed. The bastion is changed into a predetermined place to stop, refresh, relax, and rest during a Sunday stroll.

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