The Máslovice pub

  • where Máslovice, Czech republic
  • when september 2014
  • who Barbora Weinzettlová, Jiří Weinzettl
  • how architectural competition

The Máslovice pub is located in the middle of the village in an area, that could potentially become a beautiful village square. To achieve this, a great attention has to be paid to the reconstruction of the dominating object, which is the pub. The pub building together with the neighbouring object and the yard were deformed during the ages, mainly by changes connected with the functioning of the object, for example by adding ramps, iron bars and asphalt surfaces. Eventhough the yard is in the center of the whole village, it is enclosed for a long time and this lead to its devaluation.

Both of these two buildings will be used in a new way, one will serve as a pub with a multipurpose hall, the other should be adapted to a museum of butter. This will result in an importnat synergy and help the life and activities in the center of the village. By removing the fences and the leveling of the terrain, the existing yard becomes a part of the village square and the space between the two buildings could be passed through. The existing annex is proposed to be extended, so that its form will become more attractive. Corresponding with their different functions, the pub and the multipurpose hall have independent entrances. The entrance to the hall on the southern facade is slightly elevated, which also helps to brighten up this neglected part of the village square. The entrance to the pub is followed by a vestibule, that may also serve as a cloakroom during public events. Through this vestibule visitors may enter the hall or come directly to the bar. A new attic space, which is accessible by a staircase, serves as a dressing room for performers with an attached bathroom (or according to the type of the event for sportsmen). This solution enables to design a hall of sufficient height, that may be used for dance parties, concerts or sporting events (such as badminton matches). Due to spatial variability the stage is designed as a mobile unit. Generous bar space with original vaulted ceiling can be alternatively used as a lockable storage for chairs and tables. A storage for sports equipment is located in another separate room. Restrooms for public, including wheelchair accessible toilets and restrooms for employees, are placed in the pub section. The pub and the hall can be connected by a large double door. Wheelchair access to the hall is possible directly from outside or through the pub. The wooden roof structure and brickwork of the walls is left visible in the hall. These different materials are visually unified by a coat of the same shade. The rugged structure of the walls and roof trusses improve the acoustic properties of the hall. The pub is placed close to the main road with its entrance and terrace under the chestnut trees to attract passing drivers and tourists. The interior of the pub is treated in a similar rough manner as is the object of the hall. A wooden bar counter opposite to the entrance, robust chairs, tables and a pool table are its characteristic elements. The attic can be reached by a staircase and louder attractions such as table football and darts can be placed here. The attic can be connected with the main space of the pub, thus forming a gallery. Kitchen supply is, due to low demands on the number of prepared dishes, solved directly through the restaurant space or from a cellar, which is linked to the kitchen by a narrow staircase. The cellar is used also as a storage for other equipment and as a technical facility room.

Along with the restoration of mentioned objects, to restore and strengthen the character of the village square, which at this moment looks more like a bus terminus with a garage, is also our aim. Besides asphalt surface, which is proposed to be used only for some necessary parts of communications, areas of greenery and gravel pathways will serve for pedestrian public. The smallest of the existing chestnut trees is intended to be cut down, which will help to expose the facade of the restored hall. Two higher trees will still offer possibility to sit down in the shade for both: the visitors of the pub and the hall. A detailed study of the village square should be a following step in the effort of improving the image of Máslovice village.

Photography of the original state, click here

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