Library for secondary school

  • where Třeboň
  • when september 2017
  • design Barbora Weinzettlová
  • project Lukáš Smetana
  • photo Alexandra Timpau

We insert modular elements of the library into existing teachers common room in a way that its weight is transferred to the supporting wall on the lower floor. The result is a double storey library of 5 modules, which fills the whole wall of the size 7450 × 4030mm. This double storey library fits in the room quite precisely, height of one storey is 1985 (the typical height of a door is 1970mm). The upper storey of the library is accessible by sliding steel steps attached to a rail, which move in a longitudinal direction. The capacity of the library is estimated to 4300 books (+500 books in the library belonging to the librarian workplace).

The second phase starts with removing the partition between the teachers common room and the classroom – generous school library with 10 000 books. In the first phase the library was designed as a puzzle of modular elements so we can easily continue in the second phase. We create a double storey library of 16 modules. A steal beam, which distributes the weight of the whole library to the supporting walls, is built in the pedestal. The access to the upper storey of the library is provided by two staircases which are parts of the construction this time and the whole library becomes accesible not only for the librarian but also for the students. The railing on the upper storey is from glass. The capacity of the library is estimated to 10.000 books (+ 5000 books in the small library on the other side of the kitchen). The construction creates also 4 study places – separated private boxes.

The new important element of the whole space of the library are the movable steps designed for sitting, which can also be used as a storage room for the furniture – tables and chairs. The construction of the whole element is divided into four movable segments. The steps together with chairs and tables create space for students, where they can freely choose the way of sitting they found most comfortable.

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