Apartment for Zuzana

  • where Praha, Vršovice
  • when July 2010
  • how proposal, building permit
  • who Kryštof Jansa, Barbora Weinzettlová, Jiří Weinzettl

Designing a young lady flat, for us, meant working with female elements, using decor and emphasizing the selected furniture elements (shoe rack, mirror, kitchen unit).

The maisonette space was created by connecting two smaller apartments and one attic studio. The layout of the lower level was primarily reserved for the main living space with the preferred possibility of seating and relaxation. Although the kitchen is minimal however a significant interior element, the space is dominated by the library sort into individual boxes and by the elegant curve of the steel staircase. In the entrance part plays the most important role, the generously designed shoe rack. Some shelves become a showcase for the exhibitional pieces of shoes. The guest room is separated by the built-in mass which conceals a small bathroom and a narrow passageway. The upper floor is occupied by private spaces such as a study, bedroom, bathroom and cloakroom. The study is optically connected to the main living space so we let the uncovered attic beams stand out. Basic material design (walls, floors, tiles) tunes the interior into light tones of white, beige and gray. The space is accented by a black steel staircase, a dark wall behind the kitchen, as well as accessories and small furniture elements in different colors.

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