Apartment in Switzerland

  • where Geneva
  • when September 2009
  • how design, interior contractor
  • who Jan Kalfus, Teraza Měřičková, Lukáš Smetana, Jiří Weinzettl

The disposition of the apartment was especially predetermined by the shape of the building in a circular arc: the wall skeleton system, implemented distribution of technical equipment, the outfall of the lift, entrance doors, terraces, orientation to the cardinal points and construction program.

In the proposal we use all opportunities to eliminate unnecessary partitions, thus maximizing open space. Only this way is possible to clearly see the generosity, well illuminate a relatively deep disposal and emotionally connect the eastern terrace and the northern garden to the main living space. The morning sun can then burst through to the very centerpiece of the apartment – the circular dining table, a central element of the perceived right from arriving to the apartment. We take the opposite approach to the night part. We strictly and sufficiently separate the large bathroom, dressing room and the bedroom from the day part. On the same principle are also based facilities for guests.

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