Adaptation of minimarket in Zhořec

  • where Zhořec near Pacov, Czech Republic
  • when january 2011
  • how proposal
  • who Daniel Baroš, Michal Nejezchleb

The existing mini-market building in Zhořec near Pacov is an example of an invasion of an inappropriate and disproportional architecture to the typical Czech village, which often happened during the communist regime. With the intention to improve the image of the village square, the mayor addressed us to design a mini-market adaptation, which would lead to its conversion into a public hall with facilities for a local volunteer fire brigade.

Our effort was to diminish the scale of the cubic building. Instead of flat roof, we proposed two gable roofs, which gave the object more rural appearance. An atypical attic space was designed under this roof.

Unfortunately, different opinion of Zhořec citizens and their desire to cover the minimarket with a big gable roof led to the end of our efforts to complete the project. Maybe next time…

Photography of the original state, click here

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