Family house in Jinonice

  • where Prague, Czech Republic
  • when May 2016
  • design Barbora Weinzettlová, Jiří Weinzettl
  • interier Veronika Indrová
  • project Michal Hamada

A narrow street with a partially preserved sleepy character of old Jinonice opens up at one place to a tiny square with a well. It is dominated by an abandoned house, formed by more masses. Its later careless extensions exceed the original ground object. The complex of these small buildings, placed in the sloping garden, is in a very dilapidated, uninhabitable condition. The new design preserves only the oldest stone part oriented towards the street. Through it, it will be possible to get to the main living storey, located in the two main masses. The tallest part belongs to the children. All of the living areas, including children´s be­drooms, are directly connected with the sunlit slopy garden, which is protected from the street by the mass of the house. The old and new part are from outside visually connected by unyfying colour of the stucco plaster and by the burlap ceramic tiles on the roof. The age of the individual parts is visible in the detail, the original morphology is in a light contrast with the contemporary minimalist form.

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